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The OISC is proud to be a Project of Community Partners  a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation in the State of California.




Links to various OISC Photo Galleries


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LA City Tech Day May 2009


Beall Center Family Day April 2009


Lambert Elementary School - March 3, 2009


The Large Aperture Public Telescope Project (LAPT)


Beall Center Family Day Feb 2009


Optricks Days 2009


Astounding Inventions 2009 @ Irvine Valley College

Beall Center Family Day Oct 2008  (Photos Courtesy of Erin Monacelli)

Optricks Days 2008

Beall Center Family Day May 2008

Beall Center Family Day Jan 2008

Beall Center Family Day Nov 2007

CACT at ATEP - Moving in and first Interferometry Class - Sept. 2007

High School from Santa Ana visit Irvine CACT @ ATEP

Astro Nite at UC Irvine's Gifted Student Academy - August 1, 2004 - Optricks Suitcase

Orange County Girl Scouts have fun at the Harry Potter Carnival with the Hogwarts School of Optics Wizards

Speed of Light Exhibit at Irvine Civic Center - October 2004 Reception

3D Images Photo Gallery

Hands-On Optics @ Roosevelt Elementary School, Compton, CA June 13, 2007

Optricks Days 2007

New CACT / OISC Facility - Jan. 2007

Optricks at the Beall Center for Art + Technology at UCI Dec. 2006

CACT Optics Class Sept 2006

Optricks Days 2006

Hands-On Optics at Willowbrook Middle School - Compton - Kaleidoscope making

Optricks Day 2004   Color My World

July 2004 Hands-On Optics Training

UC Irvine Gifted Student Lower Academy Exploratorium week 1

UC Irvine Gifted Student Lower Academy Exploratorium week 2

UC Irvine Gifted Student Academy Astronomy Classes

UC Irvine Gifted Student Academy Physics Classes

THINK Together programs in Dec 2003 and May 2004

Star Party at RH Dana Elementary School

Planets on Parade at Cerritos Library

Optical Fiber Communication Conference 2004

Optical Society of San Diego @ The Fleet Science Center

San Diego County Educational Technology Fair Feb. 2004

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Math Monkey @ Astounding Inventions 2010







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