Robots need eyes too


OptoBotics are our methods of teaching people about optics & photonics and how they are used in everyday life, science, education and industry.

After many years of bringing optics & photonics to students and the general public, it became clear we were missing a key demographic; High School Students.  So this website and the associated OptoBotics materials, presentations, workshops, kits, books, activity guides, events are our next stop on our journey to bring the fascinating world of optics & photonics to more people around the globe.

This famous photograph of the Mars Rover Curiosity (Courtesy of NASA/JPL CalTech) is a fine example of integrating optics & photonics into an extreme robotic system.
A recent free Webinar provided by UC Irvine Extension Optical Engineering
OPTOBOTICSsm - Precision Motion for the OpticsAge - A look around the Martian Surface   click on Webinar on YouTube
This presentation is highly technical and aimed at professional engineers.  It is about 1 hour in length and will take about 1 minute to load.  Please contact us if you have any questions.
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